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« en: 11 de Diciembre de 2012, 02:03:26 am »
Información adicional:

web: http://www.standardro.com/
cp: http://cp.standardro.com/
foro: http://www.standardro.com/forum/index.php

No trans classes
No Teakwon, Ninja, Gunslinger, or Super Novice

Pre Renewal

Rates: 7/7/7
MvP Card Rate: 0.01
Max Base Level: 99
Max Job Level: 50

StandardRO is a server created with a concept in mind.The concept is that WoE is the main reason that Ragnarok Online
is still popular among MMO gamers around the world. With that thought in mind, this server is completely centered around
WoE and PvP. That being said, this server offers a lot to offer for the casual/PvM player. From advanced (Post Trans) MvPs
being available for those who want to try kill them with full Pre Trans Parties, to a special "Hardcore Hat" quest in
each city. The PvP setting is as follows:

In every town, there is a Maroll Battle Recruiter that sends you to the Battlegrounds map. In the BG map, the events
players can join include Pre Trans Flavius, King of the Hill, KvM, Capture the Flag, Juggernaut, and Zombies. Each event
automatically begins when the two waiting rooms fill up. After each event, the winners and losers both recieve BG medals,
with the winners obviously getting more medals than the losers. The medals can then be traded in for consumable items
including White Potions, Blue Potions, Mastela Fruits, Royal Jellies, and Elunium.

Pre Trans Flavius:

All the regular rules for flavius apply, with minor changes. Firstly, the buffed up post trans Guardians
have been replaced with pre trans Guardians, and secondly the HP of the Crystal has been reduced from 250HP to 125HP.

King of the Hill:

Each party is spawned at opposide sides of a PvP room, with an Emperium in the middle. Players can score
points for their teams in a number of different ways. First, one point is awarded for breaking the Emperium. Second, one
point is awarded for holding the Emperium for 2 minutes. Once a team reaches 5 points, the match is over. When the Red
Team is defending, the Emperium will appear as a Red Crystal, and when the Blue Team is defending, the Emperium will appear
as a Blue Crystal.


Standard 5v5 deathmatch.

Capture the Flag:

Each party is spawned on opposite sides of the arena, in their own "Base." Each base has a flag. In order
to score a point, a player must penetrate the enemy "Base", land a melee hit on the opponents flag, retreat to his/her own
base, and score a melee hit on his own flag. The flags have the sprite of Munak and Bongun, Munak for the Red Team, and
Bongun for the blue team. Once hit, the flag will autofollow the player that hit it until it is returned to the enemy base,
or the player who hit it dies. If a plyer hits the flag then dies, the flag is automatically returned to base. Three scores
results in a match victory.


Non team based game. At the beginning of the match, one player is announced to be the Juggernaut. He/She is
fully buffed including a Soul Link. Whenever the "Juggernaut" kills someone, it tallies a point to them. If the "Juggernaut"
is killed, the person who killed them automaticaly becomes the new "Juggernaut". Once a "Juggernaut" reaches 25 kills, the
match is over. If a player scores points as the "Juggernaut", dies, and reclaims "Juggernaut" status, He/She recieves no
penalty in points. When "Juggernaut" status is reclaimed, the player continues where they left off before losing the title.


Non team based game. When the match starts, one unlucky player automatically becomes a Zombie. The Zombie is fully
buffed, including a Soul Link. When the Zombie kills a player, they also join the ranks of the undead. The last player who
retains human form wins.

For further information, or to post any questions/concerns, please visit the forums!

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actualmente me encuentro jugando este servidor y me parecio bastante bueno, juega gente de todos lados y cuenta con una gran poblacion latina.

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